All about CuteJutes!!!

Here at CuteJutes we have a fashionable range of cute personalised jute bags. The jutes are strong and durable and made of a natural fibre. You then choose the eye colour, hair colour lip colour and two colours for the dress. We personsalise the bags with a character of your choice and a  your name on the front ( or whoever the bag going to's name).These designs go up roughly in age groups such as 8 years and under ( being fairies with cute little dresses), 9-13 ( which is our more grown up and fashionable design) and finally from 14 years onwards( with curvy figures and amazing clothes). We also paint a babies first bag with things such as adorable teddies and bunnies on the front. All of these amazing bags are hand drawn and painted and are being sold for prices starting at £10 per bag!!!